Best Dentist deal in Ahmedabad

As people eats more and more junk foods these days it is necessary to take proper care of teeth too. Teeth is also the main part of the human being. People suffer from different teeth problems they are not aware of. So its necessary that they visit dental clinic at a regular interval of time. Oral hygiene is must and dental problems should be cure at the earliest to prevent bacterias to grow more. As we know medical is becoming costly these days and so brings for you best dental deal at an affordable rate.

US Dental Clinic is an comprehensive dental care with the specialized focus on advanced surgical procedures such as Dental implants, computer guided implant and cosmetic surgeries, full mouth implant dentures and Gum treatments. They have team of dental experts and they have good experience in this field.


Up to 77% Discount on Dental service packages


  • Package 1 @ 399 (Actual Price: Rs.1450)
    Check up
    – Consultation
    – Scaling
    – Polishing
    – X Ray
    – 1 filling (if required)
  • Package 2 @ Rs.999 (Actual Price: Rs.2700)
    – Check up
    – Consultation
    – X Ray
    – 1 RCT (Does not include crowns)
  • Package 3 @ Rs.299 (Actual Price: Rs.1300)
    – Guidelines on Dental Care
    – Check up
    – Consultation
    – Stain Removal
    – X Ray
    – 20% Off on Dental Treatment
    – 30% Off on Dental Jewellery
  • Package 4 @ Rs.2999 (Actual Price: Rs.8000)
    – Check up
    – Consultation
    – Smile Assessment
    – Teeth Whitening / Bleaching Full Mouth  (12 teeth)
  • Package 5 @ Rs.299 (Actual Price: Rs.1300)
    – Check up, Consultation, X Ray
    – Fluoride Sealing
    – Decay Screaming
    – Toothbrush Technique Video
    – 1 Filling (if required)
  • Package 6 @ 20% off on Dental Implant, Dental Braces, Veneers
  • Membership Program @ just Rs.500 only – Click here to view Membership Details


  • Valid Till: 30th March, 2016
  • Cannot be combined with other offers
  • Prior appointment mandatory
  • Valid for 1 person
  • Valid for 6 days a Week (Sunday Closed)
  • Terms & Conditions apply


  • Monday – Saturday: 9:30 AM to 08:00 PM


  • US Dental
    104, 1st floor, Shivalik-5, Mahalaxmi cross road, Paldi, Ahmedaba​d



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