Get rid of Crooked Teeth and Straighten your confidence. at Fine Feather Dental, Ahmedabad

Get rid of Crooked Teeth and Straighten your confidence. at Fine Feather Dental, Ahmedabad

10% discount Teeth Straightening Services

Crooked teeth can bring too many detriments in one’s life. Though it is a natural phenomenon, they often become an embarrassment for few when they pose for a close up smile. It is regardless saying how irritating food impaction is especially when you are out for dinner with friends or colleagues. This may also lead to many gum problems or tooth decay. Crooked or overlapping teeth have a great impact on one’s speech too. At some phase in life, a person may find lack of confidence as crooked teeth may lead to a loss in facial integrity too. Hence, improving the crookedness becomes inevitable.


It is said, ‘Smile is a curve that sets everything straight’. However,straight teeth have many hidden benefits that extend much beyond a beautiful smile. Straight teeth promotes healthy gums and the problem of food impaction is eradicated. You feel immensely healthy and cleaning of your teeth becomes smooth.

We offer the following material in braces:

  • Metal dental braces
  • Ceramic or clear dental braces
  • Invisible dental braces: These are lingual braces which are most preferred


  • Valid until: 31st December,2016
  • Prior appointment required.
  • Subject to availability of staff and equipments.
  • Discount cannot be clubbed with any other schemes or offers.
  • For further details contact : +91 9099964027 / 28
  • Email Us:

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