Retailers, merchants and services cannot compete with the E-tailers without getting the edge of Online marketing. India is proceeding towards an E-commerce revolution and ApnaZon is your best option to overcome the challenges and take the rewards.

What is ApnaZon for consumers ?

  • Provides exclusive deals, discounts & offers.
  • Saves money for both local & online purchases.
  • Customized offers based on user’s requirements.
  • Unique Membership plan and card, that saves you money anywhere.
  • Multiple easy platforms: website, mobile app, sms, mails, offline, printed material.
  • Highly secured and reliable transactions.
  • Most economical and easy payment options: cards, net-banking, mobile wallet, m-paisa.

What is ApnaZon for merchants, businesses and services ? 

  • Best Business Promotion Partner.
  • Highly targeted promotion, taking your business to only the most relevant customers. actively looking for what you sell and are ready to buy.
  • Widest customer reach, increase your catchment area by getting customers not only from your surroundings but also from entire city or even from remote places online.
  • Get your own unique web-site, saving you your valuable money and time.
  • You get your customers both online and offline locally.

Why ApnaZon and not any other website and online options ? 

apnazon promotes deals and so the customers will remain with the merchant – goodwill of merchant will increase – revenue will not be shared and will be in the hands of merchants – they will be able to participate in eCommerce and compete with the e-tailers –  they can get global customers and send their products

Why to promote business online ? 

  • E-commerce is the fastest growing sector in India and the projected growth is to reach USD 260 billion by 2019.
  • Internet users are increasing, by 2016 there will be 376 Million unique internet users.
  • Smart phones with internet usage are increasing, by 2016 there will be 450 Million smart phone users.
  • Retailers cannot compete with the E-tailers without getting online promotions.
  • Local businesses and retailers can cater to global audience.
  • To build your brand and to increase your goodwill you need to have mass media marketing and that’s possible only by getting online.
  • People are getting more comfortable making their purchasing decision online.

The process for the merchants :

  • Fill the contract form.
  • Decide what discount or deal will you provide to ApnaZon users and members.
  • First 6 deals for 6 months will be free and then…
  • User will come to you with the deal or with the membership card.
  • You can communicate with the users giving their reviews on your page and also provide your updates to stay in contact with your customers.

The process for the users : 

  • Register as a free user or as a premium member by paying a membership fees annually (membership scheme launching soon).
  • Decide what types of freebies you need (restaurants, food, healthcare, services, groceries, etc)
  • Decide how you need the regular deals updates (email, sms, mobile app, printed newsletter)
  • Take the deal and visit the merchant or take your membership card and visit the merchant.
  • Provide your review for the other members and users to get the benefit.
  • Share the deals and offers and get ApnaZon credits.
  • Share your updates on your profile pages.

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